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About me

First Up

By taking a look at my website you might have realised that it is completly in english even though I'm using a German domain. Well the reason for this is pretty simple I'm German so I thought it appropriate to own a German domain but I want my content to be accessible to the widest possible audience so I publish my posts in English. If you are in need of a German translation of one of my blog posts hit me up on Twitter or E-Mail so we can talk about it. If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions and or critic please let me know.

Let's cut to the chase

I love to lern and I love to program. As a kid I completly lost myself in the world of Harry Potter and the magic of that world fascinated me deeply. The ability to create something out of nothing is just incredible. Well magic sadly isn't real, but programming is pretty close!

For me programming is first and foremost a tool that let's me express my ideas and creativity. From a simple website to complex applications, nothing comes close in my mind to the ability in terms of flexibility to turn my ideas into something real and useable. That last point is especialy important to me because what is the worth of an idea if it doesn't reach anyone?

In addition to my two main areas of interesst (Web Development (ECMAScript) and Machine Learning) I'm also interessted in Data Science and Visualization. I find it fascinating to combine different data source to generate knew insights. Areas like UX do also interessted but mainly as a vehicle to improve the accessibility of my creations and lessen the mental burden on users.