Cookie Monsters Everywhere

Let's take a look at cookies. What are they and how are they used?

Link to the my Podcast episode about cookies

First up this is not a recipe - sadly. Well with that out of the way we can go ahead and dive right in. This page is the accompanying pice to the podcast episode linked at the top of this page.

In that episode I talk about how cookies are used on websites. I explore why they are usefull and how they get misused to track you all over the web. Well not on this webage - no cookies on my site!

What do I get to see here

The goal of this site is to just read a bunch of information that your browser sends to websites without your knowledge. I used some JavaScript to read that data and display it. The whole code will be linked to later in this post. First up let's see what we can find out about you - None of this information will be saved by this website.

If you want to see all the cookies that are saved in Chrome you can navigate to this address: chrome://settings/siteData.

I just took a little dive into this subject and I'm not even using any sort of cookies on this website. Through the use of technology like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel you can gather a lot more information about the people visiting websites.

To get all the information I have to offer about this topic please listen to the podcast episode linked above - it is in German.

Stay safe and don't let just anyone into your cookie jar.


P.S. To few to the code that is running to produce the above output click here.